The Legend of Curas

It didn’t take long after The Incident for murmurings to spread about a strange city that had appeared somewhere on Earth.

The legends say that the city of Curas doesn’t exist within time as we know it. It somehow existed outside of time, appearing in every moment simultaneously and eternally. No one dies in Curas, because time is a circle there, always bending back on itself.

Many people believe that Curas is the ancient heaven described in the old religious texts, where you could meet anyone who ever lived at any point in time in the Universe. Others believe it is the center of the Universe itself, the calm eye of a swirling tornado where all possibilities exist at once and the Universe is continually starting and ending.

Whatever you believe about Curas, this city draws everyone toward it. Children dream about it and wake up saying its name, even if no one has ever told them about it. Many believe that this legendary city contains the knowledge necessary to repair the shattered reality and return Earth back to its equilibrium.

But of course, finding Curas won’t be easy. Anyone brave (or crazy) enough to seek the city will have to navigate their way through the broken reality, and face the other beings or life forms who are seeking Curas for their own dissimilar motivations.

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