Clan Buildings

By being a member of a clan, players can benefit from the buildings that are built in the clan. All members, no matter their role in the clan, benefit from the rewards that the buildings offer.

At launch there would be 7 buildings, each one with their unique reward. All buildings can be upgraded in order to increase their output.

The building types are as follows:


A place for people to meet and discuss their business

With each upgrade the maximum number of Clan members is increased with 5 new members. The base number of Clan members depends on the rarity of the Clan Land.

Traning Grounds

Provides a place for warriors to practice their skills

Different levels of that building increase the Damage dealt, XP earned and resistance of the armors of the heroes.


A place for traders to sell their wares

Every level decreases the fees spent when buying and selling from the Marketplace for all clan members.


Provides banking services and holds clan’s treasury


Provides a place for the people to rest from daily activities and replenish their energy:

Each level increases the maximum energy of the player or the energy regeneration.

Academy - TBA

Workshop - TBA

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