The Golden Heart

The Golden Heart are a technocratic faction who believe in the power of industry to rule the people.

According to this faction, the world must be ruled by money, power, and strict laws.

They wanted the world to remain peaceful so that business could carry on as usual. Therefore, they stand firmly against the Scintillions.

Being part of this clan increases max HP.

The Scintillions

The Scintillions are military fanatics who are obsessed with anarchy and destruction.

They want to see the world purged in a violent uprising, and the fabled city of Curas engulfed in flames.

The Scintillions believe that from the ashes a New Order will arise, and that they are the rightful leaders of this new world.

Being part of this clan increases Physical Damage.

Ministry of Mind

The Ministry of Mind is an organisation that holds science above all else.

They believe that technological advancement and innovation is the only way to achieve progress.

The Ministry of Mind cooperated with the Golden Heart to stop the madness of the war raged by the Scintillions.

The followers of receive increased Max Mana.

Keepers of the Flame

The Keepers of the Flame are a religious sect who worship the God of the Sacred Flame.

They were the first to have contact with beings from other dimensions. As a result, they have the understanding that we are simply a small speck in a vast universe.

They pray for peace and prosperity and seek to keep the harmony intact, although their idea of peace involves “cleansing” the world via a purge.

Followers of the sacred flame receive increased Damage Resistance.

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