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The in-game Marketplace will enable players to obtain game-generated NFTs, Chests, shards and others through auctions and is available to everyone.
A secondary Marketplace will provide players and NFT holders the opportunity to place auctions themselves.
Special Sales on limited-time offers will also be available in the Marketplace.
The Marketplace will have various functionalities so that anyone would be able to find the deal that best suits their needs.
Players will have the option to switch between active auctions, ended auctions, auctions coming soon options.
Ordering: Ending soon Highest bid -> lowest bid Lowest bid -> highest bid
Filters: Rarity (common, uncommon, rare, legendary) Clan type (Air folk, land folk, sea folk and forest folk)
Besides the in-game Marketplace, NFT holders would be able to exchange their NFTs on external Marketplaces as well, once we have set up strategic partnerships with NFT exchanges.