PVE / Dungeons

Dungeons will be welcoming the newcomers. Discovering new dungeons by leveling up and getting further into the game.

In order to unlock the next tier dungeon, players will have to meet the level requirement and successfully defeat the boss from the previous dungeon. Due to the nature and ferocity of the monsters within the dungeons, players will have to build their strategy and prepare to fight against nightmarish beings roaming in these zones.

Dungeons will yield experience, skills, various items and materials, which could enhance their character.

Special rewards and achievements will be given out to those who first dared to challenge and defeat the creatures within the dungeons.

Real-life rewards - the first player to ever defeat a dungeon boss for the first time, will receive a real replica of the item dropped from the boss, be it a shiny necklace or a Frostmourne like two-hand sword. Throughout the game, players will encounter various events, where they will be able to compete for more real-life rewards.

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