Clans are NFTs that represent land in Path of Survival. Clans will provide players with an alternative to making passive income and progress in the game. Inventing the "Team to Earn" mechanic, in order to maximize their profits, clan owners will have to team up with other players and participate in the Global Map events.

Weekly/Monthly clan challenges will be held, where they will compete for both tokens and NFTs.

Passive Bonuses

The clan provides passive in-game bonuses to players. There are seven buildings in the clan land. Each of the buildings gives a different bonus and the buildings can be leveled up to maximize the received bonus. The upgrades of the buildings are permanent. Some of the benefits include: reduced marketplace fees, increased stats and damage, increased staking yield, etc.. You can read more on clan land buildings benefits here.

Clan members will be able to utilize various discounts when buying and selling NTFs in the in-game Marketplace.

Passive Income

The owner of the clan land NFT can onboard other players in his clan and has an option to set a fee for clan membership. Clan lands with better upgrades will be more profitable as the players will receive better benefits from their membership and thus pay higher membership fees.

The player, who buys a Clan Land on the initial sale becomes the Clan Owner. Auctions for the initial Clan Lands will be held - as Lands are simply NFTs, they can be bought and resold. They would be a great value source due to their scarcity and provision of outstanding benefits to early adopters as well as leading roles in the community.

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