The Incident - 2337

By the year 2337, the factions had become more divided than ever. They scrapped mercilessly, fighting for control over an increasingly chaotic world. And, as it always happens when the world’s most powerful fight with each other, the ordinary people of earth suffered the damage.

The seeds of The Incident were sewn when Keepers of the Flame built a vortex near the moon, using a powerful device known as the “Flame of Prometheus”. They used it to connect with The Flamers, a species from another dimension. These otherworldly beings entered our world and joined the war, on the side of the Scintillions and the Keepers of the Flame.

To protect the world from the invasion of the Scintillions, the Flamers and the religious devotees of the Keepers of the Flame, the Golden Heart began to build Tesla Towers. These magnetic teleforce powered towers were placed all around the world, and they worked by accelerating pellets of material to a high velocity within a vacuum chamber via electrostatic repulsion, then firing them from their nozzles. Yet, even these state of the art towers weren’t enough to protect the earth.

At this point, the Ministry of Mind stepped in and made a plan for a global net that would connect all the Tesla Towers and create a shield to protect the entire Earth. It was a solid plan, but they needed more power to control the shield. They needed the essence of the god, the Boson of the Universe.

They began to build a huge Hadron Collider which spanned the poles and encompassed the entire Earth. This ambitious project would have allowed them to control the Boson, and manipulate matter, time, and space. They would be able to close the vortex opened by the Flamers and never let them return.

April 20th, 2337 should have been the end of the war. The Ministry of Mind turned on the Titan’s Hadron Collider and fired up the shields, but something went wrong. Very wrong.

The Keepers of the Flame let the God of the Sacred Flame through the vortex at the exact same moment, and all hell broke loose.

Energy rippled out from the vortex like a stone thrown into a pond, ripping through the fabric of the space-time continuum and altering the reality of the known universe. The planet exploded and then froze in time and space. Any areas that were not under the protection of the strong magnetic grid simply vanished.

Earth became a hostile wasteland, a limbo of constantly shifting unstable reality. Time had strange properties, the laws of physics couldn’t be trusted and creatures from other dimensions would suddenly appear and disappear at random. Many people were driven mad by the bizarre and twisting reality around them, others learned to live and even thrive within this chaotic environment.

Strangely, the leaders of all four factions survived The Incident. Some say they knew it was possible and protected themselves, others say it was their plan from the beginning.

In one way or another, the slate had been wiped clean and the world had been purged. It is now up to the factions to rebuild society from the ashes and bring humankind back to its previous glory. (But of course, there were plenty of disagreements about how the new world should be!)

Nearly 100 years after The Immortals split apart, each faction had built and developed their own technology. Some had built modern guns, while others had revived the ancient art of mediaeval swordsmanship. Each faction used conversion councils to recruit survivors into their ranks.

The Immortals agreed that the only way to do this would be to turn back time and reverse the events of The Incident. To do this, they made a plan to rebuild the Flame of Prometheus, the device that destroyed earth. They had merely begun to construct the base when conflicts arose - each faction wanted to use the device for their own gain.

Instead of working together, the factions argued, lied, and manipulated each other, stealing and hiding schematics, plans and pieces of the device from each other. Again, human selfishness and petty conflict kept the world in chaos.

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