What led to the events of 2337?

A powerful secret society known as The Immortals achieved a scientific breakthrough that allowed them to communicate with higher consciousness from other dimensions. This gave them higher knowledge which has the potential to solve all of humankind’s problems.

However, instead of sharing this knowledge and letting it benefit humanity, they kept it secret and used it to exert control over the world. It didn’t take long for the desire for power to corrode the organization from within. The Immortals splintered off into four separate factions, each with their own vision of how the world should be.

These powerful scientists continued to one-up each other in their technological battle, building a vortex, magnetic-powered towers and eventually a Hadron collider the size of the world. Playing with such powerful technology eventually led to a catastrophic event that disrupted time and space and shattered reality as we know it.

What is the “Ultimate Goal” of the game?

Find your way through the splintered reality to the mythical city of Curas, then figure out how to repair the world and restore order to the universe.

When The Immortals split into factions, the Hadron Collider that destroyed the world was torn apart by these warring entities. Each faction stole a part of the device for their own gain, hiding the plans and schematics from each other.

Start by searching for maps, clues, tools and anything that will help you discover the location of the legendary city.

What is The Marketplace?

A bustling bazaar packed with tightly-clustered stalls, this is where citizens of all factions come to shop and trade with each other. You can find almost anything here, but you’ll have to be ready to haggle with the shopkeepers. If you don’t have enough money, you can try trading anything else of value you might have on you. (And watch out for the pickpockets, they are quick and quiet and know how to escape into the confusing chaos of the busy stalls.)

What are The BattleGrounds?

After The Incident, the survival of the human race became increasingly brutal. In order to salvage resources and fight off the strange monsters roaming the earth, humans needed to develop strength and fighting skills. As a result, a culture of warrior training arose. The BattleGrounds is where warriors and fighters train, spar against each other and practice their skills. They fight for glory and recognition, and the impressive displays of strength and technique are cheered excitedly by the crowd of spectators.

What is the significance of the city of Curas?

There are many legends about the mysterious city of Curas, and no one knows exactly where it is or what can be found there. The city is believed to be a cross-dimensional meeting point, where time doubles back on itself and multiple realities overlap. It is believed that to reach Curas, you’ll need to pass through difficult terrain, including scorched deserts and floating wastelands.

The goal of the game is to locate the mythical city and work together to repair the rift in reality.

What are dungeons?

Throughout the game, you should venture into any dungeon you come across, as you’ll likely find challenges, loot and clues to solve the mystery. However, there is often danger lurking in dungeons and you may need to defeat attackers in order to emerge with your prize.

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