The Birth of The Immortals

By the 22nd Century, we believed science would be so advanced that it could solve all the world’s problems.

And indeed it did. In fact, it made some of us almost as powerful as gods.

Although no one knows exactly how, the order of The Immortals discovered the ability to build psychic connections with otherworldly creatures, let their spirits travel through space and dimensions and prolong their life for eternity. Some say they sold their souls to the Devil for this power, but no one would say that they used this power wisely.

Although the Immortals had been originally created with the goal of solving the world’s problems, human nature reared its ugly head and they became greedy and hungry for power. As a result, this sacred society chose not to share these gifts with others. Instead, they kept the knowledge for themselves and used it to control others and wield their influence over the world.

They became the most influential organization in the world and took control of almost everything. While this absolute control initially created global prosperity and peace, it didn’t last long.

Like Icarus, humankind flew too close to the sun and disaster was the result. Conflict arose within the ranks of The Immortals, as they all couldn’t agree on how to use their incredible power. Under the stress, the organization began to splinter and crack and eventually, four distinct factions were formed. It was the ongoing fighting between these factions which led to the catastrophic fallout of The Incident (more on that below!)

When you begin playing the game, you will choose your faction. Each faction gives certain bonuses to all players.

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