Clan Managment

Clan actions

Clan leader (this is a clan creator by default) will be able to do the following:

  1. Manage clan members:

    • This means inviting or firing clan members

    • Clan members need to pay a fixed price to enter a clan, the leader will determine the precise amount

    • Alternatively clan members can buy a subscription (paying relatively small sums on a monthly basis)

      1. The leader will need to decide which one to use

      2. A player will automatically leave the clan if he (or creator) cancels the subscription

        • He will remain a clan member for whatever time remains if he has already paid for it. The leader will not be able to force such a player to leave too

        • Such a player can leave the clan immediately and not wait for the subscription to end

  2. Hold a clan treasury:

    • The type of currency used in treasury is SRV (in-game currency)

    • This treasury is meant to serve the clan’s needs and money from it can be spent on a variety of actions

      1. Upgrading buildings - this is the base function available on the game launch (and the only one so far). More will be added later

    • Funds that clan members pay go to the clan treasury

  3. Appoint roles:

    • The main role is of the clan leader itself

      1. The clan creator is the default clan leader

      2. Clan leader position is permanent

      3. Clan leaders can change the clan tag and emblem

      4. Clan leaders can invite new members, fire existing clan members, set entry fees and type of admission (fixed or subscription)

      5. Clan leaders can appoint members for particular roles

      6. Clan leaders can upgrade buildings using funds from the treasury

    • Administrator

      1. Appointed by the clan leader

      2. Can invite new members and set entry fees

      3. Can upgrade buildings using funds from the treasury

    • Recruiter

      1. Appointed by the clan leader or administrators

      2. Can invite new players but invitation needs to be approved by administrator or clan leader

    • Clansman

      1. A default position, cannot do anything spectacular (in terms of managing the clan)

    • All clan members will benefit from the effects of the clan grounds and buildings applied to them

    • All clan members can leave the clan

  4. Upgrade buildings on the clan grounds:

    • This function can be delegated to the administrators

    • This will use funds of the treasury

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