Benefits of being a clan leader

  1. A clan leader will receive a fee - a portion of the transaction occurring on the market

    • This fee will depend on the quality of the clan grounds and the way and the degree to which the clan is developed (buildings level)

    • This is a personal income of the clan leader, not part of the shared clan treasury

  2. Clan leaders will also receive either the entry fee from clan members or regular subscription fee

  3. As the leader of the clan, they would have the most important say when it comes to the clan wars

  4. At a later stage (after the initial game launch) a clan leader will be granted two seats in the council

    • Council:

      1. This is the governing body comprised of influential players and developers

      2. The function of the Council will be to govern the development of the game - the goal is to create a community-driven game

      3. The details concerning the Council will be described in a separate document at a later stage

    • The clan leader can select any other clan member to the Council

      1. If this player leaves the clan, he will lose his Council position

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