Battle Logic

Skills Building

Each player enters the duel with a set of X Skills picking from Y possible skills. "Y = 20, Count depend on weapons, class, equipment etc. X = 8"

Each move has specific skills attached to it - damage, effects etc. as well as cost to play in resources.

Resources are :

  • Energy

  • Mana

Fight Rules

The duel lasts up to X Rounds or till one of the Players is defeated. X = 15 (5 minutes)

Round phases resolves simultaneously for the two players.

The only phase that requires waiting is the Action Declaration Phase in which the player declares action. Because of that it has a timer which automatically ends it after X seconds. X = 15

Shuffle the deck before the fight! "The Deck is shuffled in advance and all the skills are stored in an array - first the order of the first shuffle, then the next one etc During the fight, they are drawn exactly in this order. This shuffles can be made in the chain, crypted and then encrypted at the end of the battle so we can confirm the fairness of the fight."

Round Phases

  1. Check if any effect needs to be applied before the following phase This is a constant check before each phase - effects will be assigned to specific phase, and they will always apply on the start of it.

  2. Draw X Skills X=3, (can be changed due certain effects)

  3. Declare Action(s) "Each player can play up to all 3 skills for his turn. The skills are played in the order they were declared by the player"

  4. Resolve the Actions "The actions for the two players are resolved simultaneously one against one depending on the order they are set by each player - e.g. 1st Action of player A fights 1st Action of player B. Then 2nd, and then 3rd. Actions have internal logic about which one wins and which one doesn't (could be both resolving too) but they always have an order of resolution. After each Action is resolved, the opponent condition is checked and if HP<=0 he is defeated and his action is not resolved."

  5. Discard unused skills "All unused skills are discarded. Discarded skills restore full amount of the resources of their cost."

  6. End turn "The end" increases round counter by 1 and a new round starts.

Player's Decisions

  1. Make a move/Play a skill "Players can play all of their Skills, as long as they have the resources to pay for them. The Resources are locked once the move is declared from the first move to the last one - if there are not enough resources left, for a move to be declared it would be disabled."

  2. Attack, Defend, Cast magic, etc. The type of moves described in the specific moves/skills.

  3. Pass your turn & Unused Skills "Players can decide to not perform any action in the round which will mean they will not oppose any opponent moves. The remaining unused Skills will be consumed at the end of the Round for 100% of its resource cost. Even if the player is forced (e.g. stunned) to pass his turn the resource restoration is not prevented.

The player's decision depends on his resources at the start of the turn as well as the strategy he has as preset preferences.

Skills Logic Execution

  1. Skill vs Skill *Feint is beating slower attacks, but depends on character's speed.

2. If Skills are not opposing each other the faster executes first

3. If a Skill wins, it applies an effect based on different values Weapon Dmg, Weapon Parry, Strength, Agility, Precision, Focus

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