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Clan Land NFT

Clan Lands are NFTs that represent land in Path of Survival and are displayed and deployed on the Global Map.

Clans Land Utilities

  • new in-game ways to progress
  • in-game bonuses (Clan Buildings)
  • passive income (by being clan owner)
  • new opportunities to Earn $SRV, in-game currency, NFTs, resources and more..
  • Reward system of the Clan Leaderboard
  • Clan Wars
  • access to the Global Map.
  • unlocks the access to unique resources, materials and content
The owner of the Clan Land NFT by onboard other players in his clan and has an option to set a fee for clan membership. Clan lands with better upgrades will be more profitable as the players will receive better benefits from their membership and thus pay higher membership fees.
Inventing the "Team to Earn" mechanic, in order to maximize their profits, clan owners will have to team up with other players and participate in the Global Map events.